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So I’m hooked on SPOJ again. For this burst of enthusiasm I’m using C++, both to increase my skills and to clean up some of the problems that my Python solutions could not solve in the given time limit.

Of course this process does not produce many (any) pretty pictures, therefore not much content for this fledgling blog.

Still, maybe I’ll discover some sort of algorithm or something.

I was rather proud of myself for figuring out the relationship between the curved perimeter of a semi-circle and its area (yes, pretty advanced stuff, I know :-P). Where “p” is the curved part of the semi-circle’s perimeter, and “A” is the area:

A = \dfrac{p^2}{2\pi}

I don’t want to give away exactly which problem this was for, but it would sure be useful if you needed to enclose the maximal space possible against an infinitely long wall by adding a fence of a given length and arbitrary shape which touches the wall at exactly two points.. *cough* 😉

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